Top Reasons to Buy an Annuity

Reasons To Buy An Annuity: Learn The Primary Reasons People Buy Annuities

When making investment decisions, annuities often get a bad rap. Critics will say that annuities are too complicated, expensive, or just a way for insurance companies to make money from naïve investors.

An annuity contract offered by life insurance companies should be part of most individuals’ financial plans as they provide guaranteed annuity income for the rest of your life.

Depending on the type of annuity you buy (qualified annuity or nonqualified retirement annuity), retirees may be able to continue to grow their retirement account tax-deferred for an additional 13 years with a qualified longevity annuity contract.

But the fact is, there are many reasons to buy an annuity, and they are an excellent addition to any retirement portfolio.

13 Reasons To Buy An Annuity

1. Annuities Can Provide a Guaranteed Lifetime Income Stream With Annuitization

When you buy an annuity, annuitization guarantees you a lifetime stream of income in retirement. Retirees with such guaranteed income often enjoy a happier, worry-free retirement, as they no longer worry about their 401k and IRA being exhausted during their later years when they need cash the most.

Fixed annuities can be structured to provide an income stream in retirement that pays a monthly benefit to you and your spouse for life. Once you begin receiving annuity income payments, the annuity owner can rest easy knowing their retirement years are protected forever.

2. Protect You And Your Spouse From Outliving Your Retirement Savings

Buying a qualified retirement annuity can alleviate your worries about outliving your retirement savings. Annuities can provide a guaranteed income for life even if your retirement nest egg hits zero.

A fixed annuity can provide significant benefits, including the following:

  • It can guarantee you and your spouse a lifelong income, regardless of how long you both live. This can become crucial considering that the number of people ages 85 and older is projected to triple from 6 million in 2020 to 19 million by 2060.
  • Annuities can serve as a protective layer against creditors.
  • Annuities allow for tax-deferred growth, meaning you don’t pay taxes until you begin withdrawing funds.
  • Fixed annuities work with your existing qualified retirement plan.

3. Annuity Can Provide Income Tax Deferred: Up To Age 85

There are many reasons to buy annuities, including your annuity investments enjoy tax deferral benefits. This means you won’t pay income taxes as your money grows until you receive payments. A standard fixed deferred annuity works similarly to your 401K and IRA.

However, a qualified fixed longevity annuity contract allows retirees to transfer up to $200,000 from a traditional IRA and continue to defer taxes to age 85. This also reduces a retiree’s RMD amount, providing additional tax savings.

Secure Retirement

4. Fixed Annuities: Guaranteed Protection Of Principal Investment

One compelling reason to buy an annuity is the guaranteed protection of your principal investment. Annuities may be your smart choice if you’re looking to safeguard your investment, especially in retirement.

As you invest in an annuity, your initial contribution is always preserved. This means you’ll never lose the money you started with.

For instance, if you opt for a fixed-indexed annuity, you’re protected when the market dips. At the same time, you stand a chance to grow your investment by 18% or more when the market performs well.

Unlike stocks, where the principal is at risk, annuities ensure your capital is secure. This assurance is vital for retirees who rely on these funds for living expenses.

5. Guaranteed Fix Rate Growth

With an annuity, you enjoy guaranteed fixed-rate growth. This means:

  • Your investment is protected.
  • The longer the term of your annuity, the higher the guaranteed rate.
  • If the term ends, your rate adjusts to the current market.
  • Unlike other investments, your principal is never at risk.
  • You also get the chance for future growth with fixed-indexed annuities, enjoying profit when the market is up while your initial investment remains secure.

6. Complete Protection Against Stock Market Volatility

When you transfer money into an annuity, one significant advantage of buying an annuity is complete protection against stock market volatility. Unlike traditional investment products (401K, IRA, Stocks, and Mutual Funds), annuities’ payment amounts are guaranteed.

An annuity is a contract between you and the insurance company issuing this guarantee that offers a robust safety net.

For instance, with a fixed-indexed annuity, you get premium protection when the market is down, and you can grow your investment when the market climbs. This means you have the upside potential and zero risk of loss, a powerful feature many investments lack.

Particularly beneficial to retirees, annuities ensure that your principal is never at risk, providing a stable income vital for necessities like living expenses during retirement.

How to invest in a fixed index annuity

7. Capital Gains Tax Relief

Capital gains tax relief refers to paying lower taxes on the increased value of your investments over time. This relief is a key perk for annuity buyers because you’ll be taxed less when you withdraw your annuity in the future.

Here’s why annuities can be a great retirement planning tool:

  • You pay lower taxes on your investment growth
  • You enjoy tax-deferred growth, which may mean more money for your retirement
  • Lower taxes can increase your aggregate retirement income
  • Savings from lower taxes can be reinvested, potentially boosting your portfolio growth
  • Lower taxes encourage investment diversification, allowing you to maximize your earnings with various asset classes.

8. Fixed Index Annuities Participate In Market Growth With Stock Market Collapse Protection

Fixed index annuities can be an intelligent choice for steady investment growth with security. They offer a balance between participation in the market upswings and protection during downturns.

9. Nursing Home and Long-Term Care Annuity Riders

Annuities can offer nursing home and long-term care annuity riders coverage. They protect expensive long-term care needs but at a lower cost.

If you can’t afford or do not qualify for Long-term care insurance, your annuity can also provide a solution to your long-term care needs. Here are some benefits a long-term care annuity rider may be the right choice for you:

  • Cost-effective compared to traditional long-term care insurance
  • Probability of use, as almost 70% of individuals aged 65+ need long-term care
  • Increased payout during the long-term care period
  • Less stringent medical underwriting
  • Access to an annuity for income, even if care isn’t needed
Annuities offer Death Benefits

10. Death Benefit Payout to Beneficiaries

Buying an annuity can undoubtedly be influenced by the potential death benefit payouts to beneficiaries. This is significant as it is a financial safety net for your loved ones.

When it comes to planning for retirement, here’s why an annuity death benefit fits in nicely:

  • You can designate one or more beneficiaries who can receive remaining annuity payments or principal, saving them from probate hassles.
  • With a joint and survivor annuity, your spouse can take over the annuity with the same terms.
  • Options exist even if you designate a non-spouse as a beneficiary. The “life with period certain” annuity pays for a minimum period and continues to your life’s end.
  • Certain annuity types offer enhanced death benefits, like fixed index and variable annuities.

11. Payments Won’t Decrease If Social Security Benefits Run Out

Your annuity payments are not tied to a government-sponsored investment portfolio constantly reporting it may run out of money. A qualified and non-qualified annuity is never at risk of outliving your life savings and provides guaranteed lifetime income protection.

Congress frequently discusses lowering social security payments and extending the retirement age when a person can start withdrawing income to fund these pension plans. When it comes to retirement income, you need a fixed annuity that will not decrease as you age.

12. Probate Avoidance Protection

Opting for an annuity can provide essential probate avoidance protection. When someone dies, their estate typically goes through probate – a legal asset division process that can be lengthy and costly.

Annuities often bypass this process; the funds go directly to your beneficiaries, saving time and resources.

13. Protects Savings from Inflationary Pressures

In 2022 Americans experienced high inflation, which ate away at the purchasing power of their money. Investing in a fixed annuity can help you combat this.

  • Some annuities have a guarantee to increase payouts with inflation. This means your money can continue to grow without worrying about price hikes in the economy.
  • Consider fixed-indexed annuities. These protect the initial amount you put in, even if the market is down.

Remember, this inflation-proofing guarantee might mean paying more upfront or receiving smaller initial payouts. Yet, it’s like paying for peace of mind, knowing that inflation won’t erode your investment.

 Fixed AnnuityFixed Index Annuity
Return RateGuaranteed Fixed RateLinked to Market Index
Growth PotentialLimited Growth PotentialHigher Growth Potential (based on market)
Risk LevelLow Risk LevelBalanced Risk Level
Impact of Market DownturnNot affected By Market DownturnProtected Against Losses From Market Downturn
Fees/CostsLow FeesHigher Fees
Interest AccumulationFixed Interest RateVaries (up to a cap)
Linked to Market IndexNoYes
Potential for LossNoneNone
Early withdrawal penaltiesYesYes

What Are The Different Types Of Annuities People Buy?

Annuities are a type of financial investment for your retirement. I’ll run through the three main types:

  • “Fixed Annuity” offers a minimum interest rate and a fixed amount of periodic payments. It’s like a safety net by guaranteeing a specific amount regularly.
  • “Variable Annuity” gives you more control. You can direct your payments to different investment options, typically mutual funds. Your payouts depend on the investment’s performance.
  • “Indexed Annuity” is a blend of both securities and insurance products. Payments are credited based on a stock market index, the S&P 500 Index. This balances the security of fixed annuities with the potential growth of variable ones.

How To Invest In An Annuity That Provides Guaranteed Income For Life?

Begin your annuity investment journey with a dive into different types of products. First, understand that an annuity is designed for long-term investment providing a reliable source of retirement income.

Here’s a quick guide:

  • Investigate various annuities and their benefits.
  • Research fixed annuities specifically for their lifetime income guarantees.
  • Scrutinize the potential penalties, such as high fees and the lack of monetary flexibility.
  • Analyze the financial strength of potential insurance companies.
  • Select your annuity, customizing it to match your financial needs.
  • Find out the tax treatment of annuities you are seeking to buy.
  • Be aware that once bought, your annuity won’t require extensive management but will have restrictions on income withdrawal.
  • Don’t forget to compare products and utilize an independent annuity expert to shop around for the best annuity.

As your annuity consultant, we will provide unbiased recommendations on the different types of investment options for you to consider. Integrity Now Insurance Brokers provides fixed annuities to help protect your life savings.

The Future Benefits of Annuity Investments.

Annuities may be your financial friend when saving for retirement. They offer guaranteed payouts, safety, and tax benefits and are customizable to your financial requirements.

Here are the top 5 benefits of why you may need an annuity:

  • Guaranteed return: Unlike traditional investments, annuities promise a fixed income that helps create stability in your retirement planning.
  • Safety: They offer a unique safeguard against market volatility.
  • Tax advantage: Annuity accumulations can grow tax-deferred, providing a long-term tax benefit.
  • Customizability: Depending on your age, income, and goals, annuities can be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Additional benefits: They might include death benefits or long-term care protection, adding up to the overall value of your investment.
Buying An Annuity

Are Fixed Index Annuities Safe Investments?

Fixed index annuities are a type of annuity that guarantees the safety of your initial investment while offering the possibility of growth when the market performs well.

The top 5 pros of investing in fixed index annuities are:

  • Premium protection means you can’t lose your initial investment.
  • The opportunity for fantastic growth when the market is on the rise.
  • Protection from market downsides while having the upside potential within certain limits.
  • Certainty and predictability, promising a minimum return regardless of how stock and bonds perform.
  • Typically offering better-fixed rates than certificates of deposit (CDs).

The top 5 cons of investing in fixed index annuities are:

  • Limited growth due to participation rates and rate caps.
  • The guaranteed return rates are low and may not keep up with inflation.
  • They can be complex and challenging to understand.
  • Potential hefty surrender charges if money is withdrawn early.
  • Less liquidity, as they often require a long-term commitment.

Remember, there are many types of annuities, and investing in fixed index annuities depends on your financial situation and retirement goals.

Best Time To Buy Annuities?

The timing of your annuity purchase can significantly impact its long-term benefits. Knowing when to buy may optimize your retirement income.

  • Consider your retirement age: Identify when you plan to retire and map out your income needs, as your annuity should complement your retirement goals.
  • Factor in your life expectancy: Purchase an annuity based on your projected lifespan to maximize benefits.
  • Assess your financial health: Analyze your savings and invest when you can comfortably afford the payments without risking your stability.
  • Be mindful of potential fees: Higher age often attracts better annuity rates. However, early withdrawal may result in surrender charges or tax penalties.
  • Seek professional advice from an annuity expert: Consult a financial advisor with Integrity Now Insurance Brokers to ensure an annuity fits into your retirement portfolio and aligns with your risk tolerance.


Immediate Annuity Vs. Deferred Annuities

Immediate annuities and deferred annuities are two common types of retirement income products. The main difference between them is the timing of the payments.

With immediate annuities, the payments start right away, usually within a year of purchasing the annuity. This can be attractive to retirees who need income immediately.

On the other hand, deferred annuities provide a way to accumulate funds for retirement over a longer period of time. The payments from a deferred annuity are not immediate but are typically deferred until a later date, such as when the annuitant reaches a certain age or when a predetermined period has elapsed.

Both types have advantages and disadvantages; the choice depends on individual retirement goals and financial situation.

How to Buy an Annuity

What are the potential risks of purchasing an annuity from certain companies?

When considering purchasing an annuity, it’s essential to be aware of some annuity companies to avoid. Certain companies may have higher fees, poor customer service, or financial instability, which could pose potential risks to your investment. It’s crucial to carefully research and choose a reputable and reliable company.

Primary Reasons To Buy An Annuity From An Independent Agent

There are several primary reasons why individuals should consider buying an annuity from an independent agent such as Integrity Now Insurance Brokers.

Independent annuity agents, first and foremost, represent your sole interest and not the insurance company. As a result, they freely work with multiple insurance companies, giving them access to various annuity products.

This means they can present clients with various options and find the annuity that best fits their specific needs and objectives.

Independent agents prioritize the best interests of their clients above all else. They can select annuities from different insurers based on their integrity and reputation, ensuring that clients are offered the most trustworthy and reliable options available in the market.

Moreover, independent annuity agents are not bound by any specific company’s sales quotas or targets, meaning they can provide unbiased advice and recommendations. They can explore different annuity features, benefits, and terms to ensure clients receive the most suitable annuity for their financial goals and risk tolerance.

Independent agents offer personalized service and ongoing support. They take the time to understand their client’s unique circumstances and requirements, tailoring their recommendations accordingly.

We remain accessible throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation to finalizing the annuity purchase. Overall, buying an annuity from an independent agent like Integrity Now Insurance Brokers ensures that individuals can access a wide range of options, receive unbiased advice, and benefit from personalized service to help them make informed decisions that align with their financial goals.

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